10 Tips To Getting More People to Like Your Facebook Page

16604612_sDo you have a Facebook business page but very few ‘Likes’? It is important to know that people who are friends with you on your personal profile do not see what you put out on your business page unless they Like your page even though it might appear that the two profiles are tied together. As a social media specialist, I am often asked how someone can get more people to ‘Like’ their Page. And with Facebook reaching 1 billion active users today, there are many good reasons to be active on Facebook.  Here are my top ten in reverse order.

10. Length of Updates

There are stats to show that status updates  of less than 80 words get more notice and engagement on FB.  The reason for this is that people are ‘scanners’, so keep you updates short and to the point. This doesn’t mean you can’t go over 80 words when necessary – but this is a good guideline.  There are also indicators that more people ‘hang out’ on Facebook on Thursday afternoons and Fridays. Test your target market and see when you get your highest engagement.

Tip: Don’t forget to add your business page link on your personal profile. You’ll find that on the About tab of your personal profile.

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Why Global TV Didn’t Air My Whole Social Media Interview on Eaton Centre Shootings

The Eaton Centre food court shootings this past week in Toronto left one person dead and many injured. This was a shocking incident in Toronto, normally known as a pretty safe city to live in. Not surprisingly to me, this story broke on Twitter and went viral very quickly. Global TV called me yesterday and asked to interview me on the role that social media plays in the news today. As a Social Media Specialist, I obliged but knew that they were going to have trouble with what I had to say. They were here for almost an hour with the camera rolling. What ended up airing was a 15 second spot on the 11:00 news last night. Here is what they asked me, what I told them and why they wouldn’t air what I have to say.

Question 1: Are the graphic pictures and videos that are posted in places like Facebook and Twitter disturbing to the general public?

Answer: Unfortunately, I don’t think so. We are becoming a desensitized society where we seem less and less disturbed by graphic images. These images and video are being captured by our peers, not traditional mainstream media and so people believe that the information they are seeing has not been tampered with or sensored in any way. They tend to trust this information. And, the reality is that we live in an attention based society now where people hunger for new content on a regular basis and they have the technology to get at it every minute of the day.  They don’t have to wait for the news or a newspaper.

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Weighing in on Pinterest for Business

As a Social Media Specialist, people have been asking me lately about Pinterest – what it is and whether it is worth investing in from a business perspective so I thought I would weigh in with a blog post on this topic.

When Pinterest first came to my attention, I took a cursory look at it and dismissed it as a time suck. But I then took a closer look, began playing with it and even started my own vision board. I began to pin items and pretty soon, I started to realize what a wonderful social media tool this is and the opportunity it gives business owners in many industries.

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Top 5 Things to Know About Timeline for Facebook Pages

The only thing that seems to be certain these days is change.  For many of my clients, they have just been rolled over from the old format on their Facebook personal pages to the new Timeline.  It has taken Facebook some time to convert 800+ million users to the new layout.  I was holding my breath regarding impending changes to the Facebook Business Pages hoping for more time.  But, Facebook made the announcement yesterday.  The good news is we have until March 30th before our pages get rolled over. The bad news is that Facebook is imposing several restrictions. So we essentially have a month to roll up our sleeves and make some necessary adjustments. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about the changes coming to Facebook pages.

1.  Cover (banner image)

The side graphic on your old Facebook Business Page will disappear after March 30th. This means if you had someone create a custom image for you, it will be gone after that date. Instead, Facebook is allowing you a new space to define your brand. The good news is that you have 851 x 315 pixels to work with now instead of the old 200 x 600. However, here are the limitations Facebook is putting on your new banner image. Here is information taken from Facebook.

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Am I Good Enough…?

I watched the Whitney Houston funeral service on CNN Saturday. The room was filled with accomplished artists and celebrities but I was most touched by Kevin Costner‘s eulogy. He spoke eloquently about his relationship with Whitney on the set of The Bodyguard.  How could it be that someone who dominated the music industry in the 80s and 90s, still be so insecure about their talents? That, even as a revered celebrity often being refered to as ‘The Voice’,  she would still be worried that people would like her and wonder am I good enough? Even she was so fragile. I loved her music and her spirit.

Watch Kevin Costner’s eulogy here:

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5 Important Points About the New Facebook Timeline

click image to enlarge

There are mixed feelings out there about the new Facebook Timeline that is about to be rolled out.  I installed the BETA version a few weeks ago and have been getting comfortable with it. As a Certified Social Media Specialist,  I need to be able to advise my clients on how to handle it when it is rolled out to the masses.  This release is one of the most significant changes Facebook has made to the personal profile in a long time.  And while Facebook wants to be at the centre of your online identity, many people find this new release to be intrusive and over the top. I found some great features in this and for the first time in a long time, I had to revisit my security settings on Facebook and make some adjustments to feel comfortable with the way information will be shared.  Here are 5 important points about Facebook’s new Timeline.  Please note that the new changes coming to Facebook affect only your personal profile. Facebook has not made any announcements or commitments regarding Facebook Business Pages.

1. Ticker

The ticker has already been rolled out and you will see this along the right side of your screen when logged into Facebook. It is essentially activity stories that get posted to the ticker.  By placing your curser over a specific item in the ticker area, you will get what they call a ‘hover card’ with more information regarding that particular activity. What I like about it, is that not only personal page but fan page activity shows up here. By paying attention to the ticker, I have been able to connect with some people and pages I might have otherwise missed.  You can also now streamline the activity you want to see from the people you are connected with and shut out some of the noise.  What I don’t like about it, is that you have to pay particular attention to each activity update you post to ensure the right people see it. You will also want to revisit your application settings and perhaps change the update status to be ‘only you’ that sees it or your app activity will also be shared in the ticker.

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Are you a Hootsuite Junkie?

If you are a business owner who is using third party applications like Hootsuite, Ping.fm etc., to engage in social media to grow your business, then this blog post is for you.  As a Certified Social Media Specialist, I work with small business owners everyday and counsel them on how to use Social Media tools for their business.

You will find that in general, I am not an advocate of using these third party applications to engage your audience.  I personally find it stilted and cardboard like.  To me, pre-scheduled posts lack a human touch. I guess I am a purist. If you are an educated social media user, you too can likely smell these from a mile away.  Furthermore, these posts/updates show the source of the post; another dead giveaway that they are pre-fabricated.  I tend to un-follow people if their content is strictly pre-scheduled.

I was beginning to think I was in the minority in my way of thinking but I came across this very recent post that tells me I may not be far off the mark.  EdgeRank checker is a free tool that measures your effectiveness on Facebook. And with one out of every 8 minutes being spent online being on Facebook, this is an important measurement to take into account.  This post implies that using third party tools like Hootsuite can kill your Facebook EdgeRanking.  Please click here to read the article.

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Are you Ruler of Your Own Domain?

3 Key Items to Staying in Charge

Having your own website and ranking well in the search engines is one of the most important pieces of real estate that a business owner today can own.  The reality is, people and businesses are gravitating to the internet in droves and technology is changing very quickly. Are you poised to be able to take advantage of these changes when they happen?  Are you ruler of your own domain?

Here are 3 tips to staying in charge of your own future.

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Have You Considered Green Hosting?

bigstock-Com-Logo-Green-Word-And-Earth--33123503One of the things I love most about being a Social Media Virtual Administrator is the fact that I have some control on my carbon footprint. You see, I don’t commute to work every day, my clients don’t need to have additional workspace, equipment and spend extra on utilities for me to get the job done. I also use recyclable materials in my office and home wherever possible.  This is all great. But I do virtually (pardon the pun) all my work online and what was starting to weigh on me, was the knowledge of just what an impact computing has on the environment and so I began to consider green hosting for myself and my clients.

While I don’t pretend to know all there is to know about the subject, one thing I do understand and that is that the IT sector has a big climate impact and all those datacentres out there are using a huge amount of electricity not only to power but also to cool their servers.  So,  I embarked on a journey to find a host provider that had not only talked a good story about being green but one who put their money where their mouth was and appears to have implemented an environmentally sound program for their business. Continue reading

5 Time Savers

bigstock-Hourglass-Isolated-37597156As part of my Social Media services as a Coach and Consultant, I am always checking in with my clients and asking them for their next blog post, more interaction on their Facebook page, a new update on LinkedIn, etc. The biggest complaint I hear from my clients is, “I don’t have time”! This always makes me smile, because when you stop to think about it, time is really all we have. The question is, how well are you using it?  Here are my top 5 time savers.

1. Get clear on who your target market is…

Several years ago, I was marketing myself as having the experience to support cross industry businesses large to small. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  My efforts were being diluted trying to be too many things for too many people.  I came to the realization that my passion was to work with small local business owners in the health and wellness, fitness and eco-friendly industries. My, how that decision crystallized my thinking, my approach and cut down on the time I was spending elsewhere. I now attend one networking group meeting per week.  These networking groups are either totally dedicated to or have a healthy concentration of those business owners in those industries. What are your passions?

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