3 Reasons LinkedIn Recommendations are Better than Endorsements

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For anyone that has a LinkedIn profile, you have no doubt given or received an endorsement for a set of skills over the last few years. But how many times have you erroneously clicked on an endorsement for someone and gone back and corrected or removed it? Have you been asked by LinkedIn if an individual has a particular skill and you said yes without really knowing if it was true? How often have you visited your own profile to see if the endorsements that you have been given are accurate? How meaningful are these endorsements then? Below are 3 reasons formal recommendations are better than endorsements.

Three years ago LinkedIn introduced its ‘Endorsements’ feature. At the time LI lacked the ability to draw people back to it on an addictive basis like Facebook and Twitter so this was meant to be a way to get people to engage and interact with each other on a more regular basis in a few quick clicks of the button.  The problem is this feature was not properly developed and monitored and overtime has become spammed. Now it is now pretty much meaningless. The good news is that you have some editing capabilities and you can move this feature down the list on your profile page. For more information on how to management this section of your profile, click here.

Formal testimonials on the other hand, while they require a little more thought and effort, is a more effective tool, here’s why.

1. The detailed recommendation shows up on your profile and as a permanent record on the profile of the person who recommended you. You have the ability to display, not display or request an edit on any recommendation.

Tip: Move this section closer to the top of your profile page and request several recommendations.

2. You can control who you get a recommendation from and request a testimonial from key individuals in your network.

Tip: Request recommendations from reputable contacts with a large/strong network

3. You can request validation of specific skills that you want to feature about your work or about yourself.

Tip: In your request for recommendation, specifically ask your contact to speak to a particular skill or attribute that you want to draw attention to – i.e., work ethic, attention to detail, team player etc. Round out your profile showcasing various skills and personal attributes.

For more information on how to request or manage your LinkedIn recommendations or for how to provide a recommendation for someone else, please click here.

Remember, people ‘buy’ from people the know, like and trust. Your LinkedIn profile is a valuable portal for potential clients, joint venture partners and recruiters to gain insight into who you are and what your co-workers, colleagues, customers/clients have to say about you. Make sure your LI profile is kept up to date – it’s your digital resume. LinkedIn is still the most respected and visited professional networking site out there.

Need more help or wish to provide feedback? You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment right here on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website. Don’t forget to join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or check out my LinkedIn profile here.

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click image to enlarge

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