Gravy Train is Over for Free Organic Reach on Facebook

Facebook adsAs a Social Media Specialist supporting small, local businesses, I am the first person to say that in the past I was not an advocate of running Facebook ads. I always counseled my clients to take advantage of the free organic reach.  After all, who needs to spend money when you don’t have to? Well folks that gravy train is pretty much over.

Most of you have probably noticed a marked decline in your organic reach on Facebook. Some stats show it’s down to 1%.  With Facebook now being a public company, they have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders and the way they are going to make money is by ensuring you have to run ads to get your content out there to your target market.

Some organizations have shown their displeasure by jumping ship. That’s great news for  everyone else – less clutter in the newsfeed means more time for you! And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

You will want to explore the different types of ads that you can run on Facebook. There are ads that can:

  • Boost posts and increase Likes, comments, shares, video plays, photo views
  • Encourage people to visit your website or take specific actions on your site
  • Help promote an event or promote offers
  • Get people to download an app you have created (for all you developers out there)

There are ads that can appear in the newsfeed, sidebar ads and mobile ads.  You can drive traffic to an app within Facebook or take them through your sales funnel by linking people to your opt-in pages. There are pay per click ads and pay per impression. My advice would be to go with the pay per click option.  The key is to know what you are trying to achieve, choosing the correct vehicle and then structuring the ad accordingly.

Please note that while Facebook has significantly relaxed its rules on things like contests, promotions and ad content, there are still regulations on these that you must adhere to or the ad will not be approved. You would be wise to click here to understand them before embarking on this journey.

As a small business owner, you might ask…How much do I have to invest?  There is no clear cut answer on this. You will have to try different strategies with your target market to find out what works best for you but you shouldn’t have to spend thousands to get results.  The key is not just to throw dollars at an ad campaign without exploration or getting some counsel as to what the options are and making sure you are able to track the results. You will also want to ensure that you have a timeline on the ad and that your budget has a defined limit. Start out small.

If you decide to tackle this on your own, make sure you download the power editor (available for use only with Chrome) for the functionality it provides. You will find the power editor option on the left side of the screen of your ads manager or by clicking here.

It’s time to experiment with ads. Need more help? Feel free to contact me. You can reach me by phone or email, leave a comment right here on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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How Does Canada Stack up in Social Media Usage?

bigstock-Like-Word-Made-Of-Colorful-Toy-47513839 Have you wondered just how widespread Social Media is here in Canada? As a business owner, it’s critical that you keep your finger on the pulse and understand the reach that social media has and how best to build relationships with your target markets moving forward. So how does Canada stack up with respect to Social Media usage?

This chart taken from Comscore’s December 2011 report, shows Canada is alive and well in its usage of social media. The U.S. for example shows 98% of their total population using social media sites compared to Canada at 94.4% which is still as staggering statistic.

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