Top 10 Blog ‘Must-Haves’ for 2012

Blogging is a key component in a social media strategy. You are not bound by 140 characters or limited by your Facebook Business Page fan base.  It is an ideal platform for you to disseminate great content around the world to your readership and start to become known as an authority in your field. The goal should be to become the person people think of when they think of your product or service and it’s important to use ‘big picture’ thinking.  It’s also important that your blog site contain the right elements to maximize your success in this environment.  Here are my top 10 blog must haves for 2012:

1. Self-hosted

Having a blog on or is not ideal. They are fine if you are publishing a personal blog but if your blog is business related, then you should be self-hosted. This means that you manage your blog on your own domain name rather than something like  The implications of self-hosting are that you own your own content and have accessbility to the myriad of templates and plug-ins out there to really make your site sing. The analogy here would be renting vs owning your own site/content. My personal preference is WordPress.  For more information or to start a new blog, click here for more information.

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Top 10 Tips On Blogging

Here a Blog, There a Blog, Everywhere a Blog Blog….

HubSpot-Social-media-marketing-madness-cartooWhether you agree with it or not, the internet world is buzzing with blogs. alone reports over 7 million blogs registered on its .com site and over 2 million new blogs between January and May 2009.  Why? Because blogs are an ideal way for business owners to regularly share fresh content on the web and build a relationship with their prospects and customers.  Many are now using a blog site as their website. There are several blog platforms to choose from but  I suggest WordPress.  However, as a Social Media Specialist Virtual Assistant, I counsel clients not to use I suggest going to and having a self-hosted site. This gives you total ownership of your files and their content.  You will also have a wealth of plugins that you can use to optimize your site which would not be available to you on the .com site.  If you don’t have the skills to get going on your own, some Social Media VAs like myself can help you.

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