Am I Good Enough…?

I watched the Whitney Houston funeral service on CNN Saturday. The room was filled with accomplished artists and celebrities but I was most touched by Kevin Costner‘s eulogy. He spoke eloquently about his relationship with Whitney on the set of The Bodyguard.  How could it be that someone who dominated the music industry in the 80s and 90s, still be so insecure about their talents? That, even as a revered celebrity often being refered to as ‘The Voice’,  she would still be worried that people would like her and wonder am I good enough? Even she was so fragile. I loved her music and her spirit.

Watch Kevin Costner’s eulogy here:

It reminded me of all the wonderful people I meet and how the thread of ‘am I good enough’ keeps surfacing in our discussions; sometimes creeping into my own self talk. So many of my clients fret when they write a blog post, asking me ‘is it good enough’?  I am reminded of the article that one of my clients, Karen Armstrong of Inside Out wrote just a couple of weeks ago called Managing Your Energy or Personal Power – I encourage you to read it.  In it, she asks if our ‘happiness is dependent on the external circumstances in our lives’ and how we need to get in touch with our own self-talk. It was a reality check for me.

I believe that each person brings their own unique blend of life experiences to the table. That each of us has an opinion that is worth hearing and that you never know how your special way of expressing yourself will resonate with others in a way that no one else can.  It is one of the reasons I believe that Social Media has become a mainstay in our world.  It’s supports community building and allows us to be part of the conversation – to be heard and feel validated. But it’s important to remember that we need to validate ourselves first; to embrace and feel confident in the messages we bring to the world…and know that yes, we are all more than good enough.

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  1. Thank you Marielle for visitng my site, for reading the post and for your kind comment. Please stop by and visit again! Joanne

  2. I do believe that each person brings their own unique blend of life experiences to the table.Thanks for this great info..
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