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Are you a business owner who struggles with what to do or say on sites like Facebook?  You might like to start with understanding what others are using it for. This will undoubtedly give you some ideas as to how you can engage your target audience in this space particularly if you are a business owner. Here is a great infographic (compliments of JESS3) that will help you understand Facebook usage for an average user on an average day. Click on the image to enlarge it.  Even if these stats refer to peoples’ personal Facebook profiles, one can assume that the activity will be somewhat similar on a Facebook business page.

Did you know that Facebook now has 800 million users and targeting to be at 1 billion users by August  2012. They are touted as being the site that reduced us from 6 to 4 degrees of separation. How cool is that? You should also know that of these 800 million users, approximately half of them log onto their Facebook profile on any given day and spend considerable time there. This is a very loyal audience.

It is quite likely that most of your prospective clients have a Facebook profile and possibly a Facebook page. Once you set up your own Facebook business page and begin engaging your audience, you should start to pay attention to what others are posting. Look for opportunities to start a conversation, comment on a photo they have added or ‘Like’ their business page. Don’t be myopic and focus strictly on your own pages!

Also don’t discount your past schoolmates or even some family members as potential clients. Build your network to embrace people from all sources and encourage them to share your content. You never know where your next client will come from as a result of this. Your friends will be your biggest allies and your best referrers.

Play close attention to the stats that Facebook provides – called Insights. It will give you some valuable data to analyze with respect to who is looking at your page, and what they find interesting. One of the things you might find helpful is to look at what days your target audience is most active on FB. Take a look too at what posts you have done that have had the most traction.  This will give you some ideas of what kinds of things to post in future that your friends and fans will find interesting. Note the ‘virality’ of the items you post. You want people to click that ‘share’ button! :)

I will be speaking about Facebook at the BWNA King Chapter luncheon on February 14th and running a breakfast for the Company of Women York Region chapter on February 22nd.  If you are in the area, and would like to attend, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the organizers of these networking groups.  Bring your questions!

I’d love your feedback! Tell me how you are using Facebook for your business. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog using the commentluv feature here on my blog.

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